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What’s New In Blackboard Learn Ultra – September 2023 1308

The last several releases of Blackboard  ®  Learn have been jam-packed with new features and improvements, and many of these developments are specifically focused on enhancing and improving the instructor experience. We were thrilled to see that after we previewed some of these features and updates at our user conference, Anthology Together, our ...

Added by Community Admin Blog Educator Insights Blog 09/20/2023
The Top 10 New Things You Can Do In Blackboard® Learn Ultra Today 1294

Welcome to “The top 10 new things you can do in Blackboard® Learn Ultra today” site, your source for the freshest insights into the latest features and improvements of our Award-Winning course experience. As dedicated educators, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future, and we're here to ensure that you have the tools to make it extraordinary. ...

Added by Juliana Castelblanco Blog Educator Insights Blog 09/04/2023
What’s New In Blackboard Learn Ultra – August 2023 1283

The past month has seen us working on improvements, updates, and new features for Blackboard Learn, some of which you, our users, inspired via the Idea Exchange! We've rounded up what's new for you here. For Instructors: 1) Flexible Grading Flexible Grading is a new, efficient assessment grading experience that provides intuitive and streamlined ...

Added by Community Admin Blog Educator Insights Blog 08/24/2023