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Please join this group to learn about and share resources on how institutions manage and prepare for continuity of education when a crisis, natural disaster or pandemic arises. Both Blackboard and clients will share information, updates and resources here. 

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Andy Turner
In the current situation we have a lot of tests coming up which would have been taken in a PC lab, or at least on campus, where we have some control over the quality of students' network connection. And a number of what would have been MCQ and ...
Andy Turner Apr '20
Hengameh Vosough
Hi all, Any updates on the improved Teams integration? I have been hearing that soon there will be a new and improved integration for at least a year but no announcements so far. I appreciate any updates.  Thanks, Hengameh
Ian Goh
Hi All, I’ve been playing with it once Bb announced it. I’ve written up some of my thoughts so far at https://iangoh99.blogspot.com/2020/03/ms-teams-for-blackboard.html Feel free to pose questions and I can try them out. Ian
Ian Goh Mar '20
Jacob Spradlin
Hello Colleagues! The SHSU Center for Assessment, Research, and Educational Safety (CARES) is inviting higher education leaders across the US to participate in a research study related to institutional responses to COVID-19. Our ...
Jacob Spradlin Jul '20
Vivek Ramgopal
Several of you have approached us asking for faster ways to incorporate a virtual classroom solution into your emergency preparedness plans, pedagogical practices and administrative web conferencing processes. We recognize ...
Vivek Ramgopal Mar '20
Allie fai
I have installed the latest chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit). I have cleared the cookies and allowed the camera in the settings.  bb colaborate is also in the list of allowed urls.  The camera works when I use ...
Allie fai May '20
Kelly Geurts
I was wondering if anyone else in this community is an early childhood educator. We are currently struggling a bit to make our virtual classroom as engaging and interactive as possible  to the meet the needs of our young students. I ...
Kelly Geurts May '20
Szymon Machajewski
Online learning carries a stigma of being lower quality than face-to-face learning, despite research showing otherwise. These hurried moves online by so many institutions at once could seal the perception of online learning as a ...
Paul Beal
Hello All There was a tool a while ago called BFree (I think), is there something similar to that tool currently? I want to be able to view exported/archived Bb courses locally on staff PCs. The GUI doesn't have to be a copy of Bb ...
Paul Beal May '20
Kristen McCartney-Bulmer
Hi. Just wondering what you're recommending to students who would normally have a reader to read them test questions but now have to take tests from home without readers? I'm hoping to find something that works for original course view ...

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