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Juliana Castelblanco
We're excited to announce that the Learn Ultra Roadmap Decks for November 2023 are now accessible in the files section of our group . Additionally, all recordings are available on-demand for your convenience in the videos section of ...
Clint Brooks
When will the November 7th roadmap slide deck be available?

Hi @Clint Brooks
We'll share the deck after our final roadmap session, scheduled for tomorrow. Once it's ...

Juliana Castelblanco
Missed the September 12th Engage Product Vision & Roadmap ? Don't Worry, You Can Watch It Now here: 
Karina Estrada
Únase a nuestros líderes de producto de Anthology Ally el martes 26 de septiembre a las 9:00 am MX /10:00 am COL/ 11:00 am PE/ CL, 12:00 pm BR/ 17:00 ESP, cuando el equipo presente el Roadmap de Ally en español. En esta sesión mostraremos ...

A continuación, podrán encontrar la grabación del Roadmap en español y el archivo de la presentación.

    Juliana Castelblanco
    Join members of the Anthology Student product team for this Roadmap presentation to learn more about where we have come between last year and now, strategic themes for the upcoming year, and to see a preview of some of the upcoming ...
    Bart D'haenens
    Hi Both in Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Original Course View you have the possibility to enable or disable the review status on folders, items, etc… Students get a button “Marked reviewed” when this option is enabled. In ...

    20 views since February 2022 but no responses.

    I wonder why?

    Hi @Lisa Clark  
    Thank you for responding to some of the other requests I've posted.

    Would it be ok to ask if you could ...

    Juliana Castelblanco
    Whether you had the chance to join our recent Anthology Reach Vision & Roadmap webinar or couldn't make it, we have some exciting news to share. Watch this webinar recording packed with valuable insights into the future of Anthology ...
    Juliana Castelblanco
    Watch our session about the direction for our institutional and learning effectiveness solutions, including Anthology Portfolio, Anthology Course Evaluation, Anthology Collective Review, Anthology Outcomes, Anthology ...
    Juliana Castelblanco
    Now available in our group files: the 'Top 10 New Things You Can Do in Blackboard Learn Ultra Today' PDF for August 2023.
    Karina Estrada
    Join us on Wednesday  23 August at 11:00 am ET / 4:00 pm GMT when the Ally product management team will present the Ally roadmap. The roadmap will summarise recent releases and will present the plans for the next 6 months and beyond. The ...

    The following features were included in the roadmap session, and here is the August 23 Roadmap recording .


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