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There's more to Learn! - Learn Ultra Roadmap Update, February 2023.  

Watch now this on-demand webinar where our Product Management leaders provide an update on the Blackboard Learn Ultra roadmap and give you an exclusive look at the upcoming feature releases and enhancements. 

  • Ver en Español. Obtenga la presentación compartida durante el webinar y accede a más contenido exclusive en la sección de 'Archivos' de este grupo. 
There's more to Learn! - Learn Original Roadmap Update, February 2023. 

Watch now this on-demand webinar where our Product Management leaders provide an update on the Blackboard Learn Original roadmap and give you an exclusive look at the upcoming feature releases and enhancements. 

There's more to Learn! - Learn Ultra Roadmap for K12 Update, February 2023. 

Watch now this on-demand webinar where our Product Management leaders provide an update on the Blackboard Learn Ultra roadmap for K12 and give you an exclusive look at the upcoming feature releases and enhancements. 

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Business and Government Learn Roadmap Update Webinar

Join our product management leaders for an update on the Business and Government Blackboard Learn roadmap and get an exclusive look at the upcoming feature releases and enhancements. Register today and discover how Learn can help you equip your users with the tools they need to succeed.
Webinar Date/Time: April 4th at 2:00 pm EDT

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Anthology Together 2023 - Submit your proposal and register for the event! #AT23

We want to invite you to Anthology Together taking place July 17-20, 2023 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Did you know you could receive special recognition on your conference name badge and get a discounted registration rate of $500 if you become a presenter? Here’s how to submit your proposal 

We have a lot of exciting things planned such as:  

  • Increased Global Attendance: over 1,600 spanning 40 countries (which means more networking opportunities for you with industry thought leaders and other education professionals) 

  • Increased networking and social time: more opportunities throughout the conference in the exhibit hall, in between sessions, over breaks, during mealtime, and during special events 

  • Revamped program: alignment of our sessions to eight program themes to make sure you can find the sessions that are most relevant to you. You can learn more about the program on the website.  

  • Continuation of Global perspectives as part of our General Sessions on the main stage.

    I want to go to Nashville in July!

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Claire Gardener
Join the Blackboard Data Product Management team as we walk you through our hour-long development roadmap for the coming months, and our vision for the future of this data and reporting platform. There will be deep dives into upcoming ...
Claire Gardener
Greetings Ally Community! The Ally roadmap session took place on Mon 27 February at 11:00 am ET / 4:00 pm GMT  The Ally product management team presented the Ally roadmap. The roadmap summarised recent releases and presented the plans ...
Jeff Kelley
Sessions for Learn Ultra in English and Spanish start on 31 January, for Learn Original on 7 February, and for K12 clients on 15 February.

Thanks, @Jeff Kelley Obsolete ! I am looking forward to the updates. I hope the recording will be shared as I am not ...

@Jeff Kelley Obsolete

I was in the Roadmap Webinar on the 31th January. Where can I find the roadmap presentation? 

Payton Miller
Hello everyone!  We are new to Ultra but we notice that it still needs a lot of updates and features that my faculty have brought to my attention so I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me spread the word to blackboard product ...

Hi Payton, 

I can see this is a duplicate discussion post and you have helpfully logged all these ideas into the ...

Antonin Moinet
Hello, How do I request an upgrade on Blackboard ULTRA? Namely add the Smartview feature that was present in Learn Original. Thank you in advance for your feedback Antonin

Hi @Antonin Moinet ! Please submit this via our new Idea Exchange: 


Joel Rahn Joel Rahn Sep '22

@Antonin Moinet We have been using the new Filter feature in the gradebook to do what smartview used to do. With the ...

Mustafa Alsamaraie
Hi, I am wondering why in Blackboard Original there isn't an option to add a “Text Block” or a “Media file” when building a test. For example, to add a reading with multiple choice questions, the reading's text has to be part of one of the ...
Bart D'haenens
Hi Both in Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Original Course View you have the possibility to enable or disable the review status on folders, items, etc… Students get a button “Marked reviewed” when this option is enabled. In ...

20 views since February 2022 but no responses.

I wonder why?

Hi @Lisa Clark  
Thank you for responding to some of the other requests I've posted.

Would it be ok to ask if you could ...

Kelly Paul
Hi, everyone, What do you think about being able to click “Like” under a student post in the Discussion Board?  This would be a lot like the Facebook interface.  I'm not sure if it is on the Roadmap or not, but it really would be a quick tool ...
Carla McKenzie
Is there a handout for how Learn Ultra handles Weighted versus Points Grade Center?
Matthew Fillo
In early April a roadmap document was released here, but was not very informative in terms of when each of the features would be coming.  Could Blackboard post an updated version of the document that provides more informative ...
Agree - would be good to have something apart from the collab recordings, although useful especially if you ...

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