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Join this weekly meeting facilitated by the Client Experience, Product Management and Blackboard Support teams, to hear about and discuss the latest new features, releases and top reported known issues. You will have the opportunity to learn from your peers and Blackboard experts through weekly topics and discussions.

Every Tuesday at 12:00pm - 1:00PM ET.
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Laura Lopez
Hi all,  What are some of the difficulties faced when converting the Kaltura building block to the LTI, specifically 1.3? Our institution heavily relies on the Media Gallery presented within the courses itself from the instructor ...
Laura Lopez Category Learn Office Hours Feb '24

Hi @Laura Lopez , one difficulty has been trying to understand the ongoing SaaS updates including new features ...

Chris Bray Chris Bray Mar '24

@Claudia Pearson
the v1,v2,v3 isn't dependent on a specific Building Block version.  You could have all 3 within ...

Lee McMinn
What's the link to the Jan 9 meeting?? Lee McMinn
Lee McMinn Category Learn Office Hours Jan '24

@Lee McMinn …hopefully this works for you.

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Hengameh Vosough
Hi all, Do we have a call on November 21st?
Hi Hengameh Vosough ‍, yes we do have an Office Hours today - usual time :)
Stephanie Brantley
I went back to review some of the Office hours I have had to miss this month and the only active link currently for August is the slides for August 22. All the other slide links and all of the recording links are not there. Could they please be ...

@Stephanie Brantley Hi Stephanie, sorry about there - there was a bit of a glitch on the Community that removed all ...

Megumi Taguchi
Hello - is there a way to have access to the office hours chat? It seems there is some discussion after office hours ends, and I'm not able to see any of it. Thanks!
Annette Ingram
I'm watching the recording from 7/25/23 and the chat was not captured, but it was mentioned that there was a link in the chat for the Flexible Grading. Where can I find the link?
Joe Jirka Joe Jirka Jul '23

@Annette Ingram
Is this the link that you are looking for?

Flexible Grading interface YouTube
There's more to ...

Jonathan Alejandro
Hello, After reviewing yesterday's recording of the Administrator office hour session, I had a question about the building block exceptions list. I see that Pearson is now included on the extended support list and I wanted to confirm ...
Nikki Tremann
Hi, it was great meeting some of you in today's T&L Office Hours. For those who weren't able to attend, I’m Nikki Tremann, the lead writer for the Blackboard Learn technical writing team. We’re a team of 5 writers dedicated to ...
Denny Klaver
I received the notification email for this weeks recording on Tuesday March 14.  Could someone check the March 14 recording?   The watch now link takes me to the PDF but not the video on Vimeo.   Thank you.   Denny 
Denny Klaver Category Learn Office Hours Mar '23

Hi @Denny Klaver , sorry the links were just the wrong way around. This has now been corrected.

@Emma Thompson-Chesters I was looking for the recording for March 14, 2023 T&L Admin Office Hours.  The video ...

Andrew Damp
While I appreciate the uploading of weekly recorded sessions into Venmo, I speak for a lot of us that everyone is missing all of the valuable chat discussion and shared links in the chat.  Can a T & L Office Hours team member download and ...
Andrew Damp Category Learn Office Hours Jan '23
Hi Andrew Damp ‍ - as far as I'm aware, it isn't possible to download the chat from the session to share. I do agree that ...

@Andrew Damp My institution uses Teams. When I attend the session, It drops the recording and the chat into my chat ...

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