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The Exemplary Course Program (ECP) recognizes excellence in course design demonstrated by faculty and designers.  Millions of educators and learners benefit from well-designed courses that take endless hours to perfect. Anthology offers this free program to give recognition to those who dedicate the time to reach these high standards.  

At the core of the ECP is the NEW Exemplary Course Program Rubric, which defines key characteristics of high-quality courses within the framework of course design, interaction and collaboration, assessment and learner support. The Rubric is offered under a Creative Commons license, and we encourage campuses to use it when working toward creating quality course design.  

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Announcing New ECP Submission Platform 
We are excited to announce the launch of a new platform for Exemplary Course Program submissions. The new platform will provide a seamless, enjoyable, and engaging experience for ECP submitters and reviewers.

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Community Admin
At this time, new submissions for the Exemplary Course Program are not being accepted. All submissions received during the fall 2023 cohort are currently under review.  We encourage you to nominate your course or program for a ...

@Community Admin when will the next submission open? Thank you

Paul Szwed
I'm new to participating in the ECP. I understand the submission window opened on 5 February 2024, but for the life of me I cannot find where the submission window is located. There does not seem to be an active button for the new ECP ...

@Paul Szwed I am looking for the submission link as well.  Does anyone have the link?


Mingsheng Dai

@Paul Szwed I too have looked and looked and could not find anything. I recall being in a meeting or a training awhile ...

Mary Beth Scumaci
Hi All- When  does the window close for applications in 2024, February 5-? Thank you, Mary Beth

@Sandra Sanchez

Thank you very much, Sandra!

Mary Beth

@Mary Beth Scumaci  

Hi Mary Beth, let me clarify the dates, the ECP Submissions will be open on the 5th of February ...

Kate Purvis
Do we have dates for the live webinars scheduled? If so, where can I find them? I want to send out notifications well in advance so faculty can plan to attend.  Also, I see the submission window will re-open on Feb. 5th…how long will this ...

@Kate Purvis hello! We do not have webinars scheduled at this time but will post updates as soon as they are ...

@Tessa Burke thanks so much! How will we be notified? Should we keep checking the community site for updates? ...

Carol Chatten
There are a few people who want to become revieiwers - where can I find the registration page to send to them? Also, do we have a date for the launch of the new platform? Keen to take a look Thanks, Carol

@Carol Chatten hello and thank you for your interest! We don't currently have a date but will update this page as ...

Carolina Castro
Resources Exemplary Course Program Landing Page​ https://learn.anthology.com/exemplary-course-program ​ NEW! Exemplary Course Program Rubric​ ...
Carolina Castro
Recordings ECP Cohort Webinar Session 1: Recording ECP Cohort Webinar Session 2: Recording   ECP Cohort Webinar Session 3: Recording   ECP Cohort Webinar Session 4: Recording  

@Carolina Castro will there still be live sessions each semester? 

@Kate Purvis hello!  Yes, we will have live sessions on September 2023! 

Have a good day!

Emma Duke-Williams
Having done a few reviews now, it would be useful if a reviewer (once they've finished, so they're not influenced!) could see the other review(s) of the same course to see how we match up. I have had some where I have been unsure as to a ...
Hi Emma, this is a good point. I can suggest something: if you want to see the other reviewer's feedback for the same ...
Raghad Nihlawi
Hi, I would like to verify the total points on the new rubric. The document indicates 191 points, but when I add up all the points, the total comes to 192. Could you please provide some clarification on this? Thanks Raghad
Juli Book Juli Book Aug '23

@Raghad Nihlawi Hello!

I am fairly certain there is a typo on standard 4.10, which used to be 4 points, but in the new ...

@Juli Book Hi

Thank you for your response and clarification! It's good to know that the ECP team is already aware of ...

Jort Harmsen
Like others we submitted a course before the deadline, but it was still in review.. during AT23 even  we would like to know the feedback regarding the course so we can take that feedback for possible future submissions. (even if it is ...
Hello Jort Harmsen,

Thank you for reaching out. We would like to update the status of your course which is currently ...

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