Create Accessible Content In Real Time With The Ultra Accessibility Checker, Powered By Ally 1309

Create Accessible Content In Real Time With The Ultra Accessibility Checker, Powered By Ally

Accessible content ensures inclusivity and meaningful engagement for diverse learners. But building more inclusive learning environments and breaking accessibility barriers is a daily challenge for institutions, especially when creating new course content.

Inspired by our passion for innovation, the creation of accessible content in your Learn Ultra documents is now available through the Ultra Accessibility Checker (Powered by Ally).

The Ultra Accessibility Checker (powered by Ally) scans content in the rich content editor for Learn Ultra Documents, seamlessly identifying any accessibility issues. It then goes a step further by providing instructors clear feedback and insights on these issues and, most importantly, offering quick guidance on how to fix them, enhancing accessibility as they build course content directly in the editor.

To take advantage of this option built into Learn Ultra, just find the score gauge indicator in the top right corner of a Learn Ultra Documents page. This allows you to view the live score of your content.


Clicking on the indicator allows access to the Instructor Feedback panel, which offers suggestions for addressing accessibility issues on a larger scale. Additionally, when fixing issues, the live score updates automatically.


With the Ultra Accessibility Checker now available in Learn Ultra courses, Anthology Ally continues its mission of promoting best practices for enhancing accessibility in digital course content and fostering more inclusive learning environments for everyone.

Unlock the power of accessibility with the Ultra Accessibility Checker! Learn more here.

Rosario Bruzón
Product Marketing Manager
Blog Product News 09/28/2023 11:20am EDT

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