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Anthology Course Evaluations (with Idea System) Is Now Anthology Evaluate


We're excited to announce that we’re renaming our course evaluations product. Anthology® Course Evaluations (with Idea System) is now Anthology® Evaluate. The evolution of the name reinforces our commitment to improving teaching and learning experiences, streamlining the course evaluation process to easily collect course feedback, and providing deeper insights to boost learners’ success. 

At Anthology, constant innovation is the key to how we deliver solutions and services that empower you to overcome your unique challenges and ensure your institution’s success. And because we’re always innovating, we’re also always evolving. We are proud to announce that one of our Course Evaluations products has become Anthology® Evaluate.

This name change only applies to the product with Idea System. Anthology® Course Evaluations (without Idea System, or Campus Labs® Course Evaluations) retains its current name.*

Why are we evolving the name?
We think the name of the most robust version of our product can better reflect our mission to streamline and simplify the course evaluations process from start to finish. Anthology Evaluate reinforces our commitment not only to streamlining and simplifying the process, but also to improving teaching and learning experiences worldwide and helping institutions gain a deeper understanding of their learners through data-informed insights.

When is the name changing?
What better occasion to launch the new name than our annual global gathering for educators and institutions? The official announcement was made during Anthology Together 2023, July 17-19 in Nashville, TN.

What’s next?
If you are a current Anthology Course Evaluations (with Idea System) client, stay tuned for upcoming communications about the name change, as well as a deep dive into the benefits of Anthology® Evaluate.

*If you are uncertain which version of our Course Evaluations product you license, please feel free to reach out to your client experience representative.

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Blog Product News 09/08/2023 2:49pm EDT

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